Helping You Grow Profits Thru Cloud Solutions


What we believe

We believe in teamwork.
We believe every person matters.
We believe in doing what we say.
We believe in being intentional.
We believe things should work when you need them.
We believe in helping you get the exact result you desire.
We believe in pushing away old boundaries to creating new ones. 
We believe in a well thought out strategic deployment of technology services.
We believe nothing is perfect but we will partner to resolve issues.
We believe Cloud & IT technology should simplify not complicate your business.
We believe you can build an innovative, technology driven Organization that anticipates your ongoing business needs for success.

What We Do

We help you win!

How We Do It

By embracing your Vision!

Gaining a thorough understanding of your stated objectives. Thru fact finding we gain clarity on any issues, by problem solving solution driven ideas we help ensure the highest level of success for you!

Message From Founder & President

For over 17 years Propel-U-4-Ward established its business philosophy on serving our customers period.

We think you deserve our best and will do whatever we can to help you reach your objectives.



To simplify technology, to serve customers by being a trusted adviser and business partner in delivering technology solutions that drive positive results to your Organization.


To help you achieve success.

We believe you can build an innovative, technology driven Organization that anticipates your ongoing business needs for success.

A Better Tomorrow

As an Organization we want to provide the financial resources to be the self sustaining funding arm for Next-Chapter 429 (, whose mission is to provide transitional housing that is safe, loving, and nurturing for homeless teens and young adults aging out of the foster care system or being emancipated.

Propel-U-4-Ward cannot accomplish this without your partnership.


Allow you to stay laser focused on your most pressing priorities.


Client Reviews

Balancing the day to day operations for several locations requires a lot of my time and understanding and keeping pace with all the technology changes is just not possible. We don’t have an IT staff and that is where I have relied on Propel-U-4-Ward. They have provided me with the confidence of knowing that our organization is leveraging the best IT and Cloud solutions for my business

I have relied on Propel-U-4-Ward since 2007, they help keep me apprised of solutions they believe will help manage cost, improve efficiencies and boost employee productivity. We recently made some infrastructure upgrades utilizing SD-WAN Security solution, Internet bandwidth, and Unified Communication Cloud solution, which is a perfect solution for the flow of our seasonal business. Additionally this solution gives us the assurance that our calls will always be answered in the event of any issue that could disrupt our service.

I count on Propel-U-4-Ward as a valuable business partner; they are very responsive and proactive, which allows me to focus on my core business.

I encourage you to partner with Propel-U-4-Ward.
— Toni Gilbert Owner | Arizona Ham Co./DBA The Honey Baked Ham Company
They have saved us both manpower and headaches by being or outsource Business Partner. I recommend Propel-U-4-Ward as a valuable business partner.
— Connie Brown Controller Mason County Exxon, WV
They are always accessible, very reliable and are able to resolve technical and billing discrepancies when they arise. I strongly recommend Propel-U-4-Ward.
— Ken Higgins President HaHa Brands dba – Honeybaked Ham Franchisee, MD